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The Very Cool Sir Terry Pratchett

Terry’s PA Rob Wilkins: There are a couple of words we aren’t allowed to use in our office.  One of them is fun so I hope you aren’t all having fun. And the other one is awesome, but I walked out here and, I’m sorry Terry, but I’m going to have to use it. This is awesome.

Terry Pratchett: Rob, you know very well. I’ve told you about this a million times. It’s not awesome unless you see God, Jesus, and all His works. Descending from Heaven. Everything else is cool.

One of the top writers in my pantheon of greatness is Terry Pratchett. And anyone who has heard him or met him knows that in person the man is brilliant, witty, hilarious, and profound. You can see for yourself in  Imagination Not Intelligence Made Us Human, a recording of  a recent program at the Sydney Opera House which features Garth Nix interviewing Terry and includes Rob reading an excerpt from Terry’s forthcoming Discworld novel Snuff, plenty of banter, teeth throwing, birthday singing, and much more that is brilliant, witty, funny, and simply completely worth viewing.

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