What Mal Peet Read to His Kids

I’m a big fan of reading aloud to my class and often post here about what works and why. That’s why I also enjoy reading about others’ reading aloud experiences and what works for them and why. Today Mal Peet weighs in over at the Guardian with some interesting choices.  (And of course there are some more interesting as well as snarky suggestions in the comments.)





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2 responses to “What Mal Peet Read to His Kids

  1. Interesting discussion about Roald Dahl. I’d put myself in the ambivalent category myself. I always thought Veruca Salt et al were rather harshly punished for relatively minor sins.
    The only book on his list which overlaps with mine is Wind in the Willows, which my very prosaic son hated.


  2. Kathy

    Loved this, Monica! Just put in an order for a couple titles I decided I couldn’t live without. …and great little snarky comments as you warned :-)


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