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Jack Zipes on Recent and Forthcoming Fairy Tale Films

The films that have impressed me a very great deal are the ones I discuss in the last chapter of my book: Jan Svankmajer’s “Little Otik”; “Pan’s Labyrinth” is also absolutely brilliant; and Tarsem Singh’s “The Fall” — a remarkable, colorful, unbelievable fairy-tale film. All of these, by the way, are live action. [I also like] “How to Train Your Dragon,” which is a lovely animated fairy tale. Totally — not anti-Disney — but not like the Disney animated fairy-tale forms.

From this very interesting interview with fairy tale maven Jack Zipes. (via surlalune)



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Camilla Salander Redux

Last year, after finishing Steig Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest I wondered about Camilla Salander, Lisbeth’s twin. Yesterday, thanks to commenter destiny, I went searching and came across this in the Guardian’s report on Larrson’s friend Baksi’s recent talk.

The fourth novel by Stieg Larsson, author of the 30m-selling Millennium Trilogy, is 70% complete, strongly features Camilla Salander, the twin of the series’ protaganist Lisbeth, and is set “between Ireland, Sweden and the US”, according to Larsson’s former colleague Kurdo Baksi.

However, the article goes on to point out that Larrson’s partner, Eva Gabrielsson, who has the disputed draft, claims it is far less complete.

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