The State of Fantasy

I’m a fantasy fan and while I may not like everything out there I’m never going to complain that there is too much of it. My great thanks to Ms. Rowling for changing the US publishing landscape in that regard — BHP there was mighty little — many of my fellow gatekeepers preferred realistic fiction and so that is what mostly got published. And then there were others who had problems because it was against their religion (really).  So, first of all, hurray for the popularity of fantasy!  May it never wane.

Since I love the genre  I read a lot of fantasy books and have had in mind a few posts on some recently read books, but they are complicated (thematic rather than straight reviews) and I’ve yet to complete them.  Unfortunately, what with school looming and some other pressing projects to get done first, I fear that it may be a while till they see the light of day (or light of the Internet? Whatever). In the meantime, I figured I’d at least provide you with some recently published and forthcoming fantasy titles that I’ve read and feel are worth seeking out for yourselves. These are titles that my students and I liked, a few I’m especially mad for, others my students are mad for, and a few we are all equally mad for. Most would probably work for an upper-middle-grade-fantasy-buff, but a few are very definitely YA.  That all said, here you are, in no particular order:

Already Published

Coming Soon


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3 responses to “The State of Fantasy

  1. Thanks for the list. Some I have read others are going on my to read pile. My job has changed yet again from elementary to elementary and middle school to just elementary and PE leaving the middle school librarianless along with the high school now; so I will still be reading YA when I can to help them out.


  2. This is a fantastic list, thanks Monica! There are so many here I need to read (just finishing THE APOTHECARY now). By the way, A MONSTER CALLS was amazing (as good as you claimed)! I really hope it will be recognized!


  3. Love this list, Monica. Reserving those I haven’t read yet. I would add to your list The GIrl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (Greenwillow). Haven’t read a pageturner like this in a long time.


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