Cybils Folks, Please Help

I nominated Atinuke’s No. 1 Car Spotter which recently was published in the U. S. by Kane/Miller.  Now I see the following on the Cybils site:


No. 1 Car Spotter
By Atinuke Atinuke
Status: Pending Approval
Reason ineligible: Publication date prior to Awards Cycle (September 2010)
Nominated by: Monica Edinger

I’m confused because the above is a link to the U.K. edition which did indeed publish in 2010.  But the U.S. edition published within the Awards Cycle and I can’t see anything in the rules that indicate that a book is not eligible if it was first published in another country. But perhaps I’m missing something?

Thanks for your help here!




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5 responses to “Cybils Folks, Please Help

  1. Monica, I’m having someone track down what happened. Thanks for alerting us.


    • Thanks, Anne. It now occurs to me that when I went to find the ISBN for the nomination I went for the first link I found which must have been the amazon UK edition one instead of the US one.


      • That must be what happened. We found the correct edition and I expect you’ll see the book either today or tomorrow, listed all fine and dandy. Thanks again.


  2. Hi Monica – The ISBN was indeed the problem! That is my navigator for sources and when I went to WorldCat, Amazon, AR Bookfind, LC catalog, et al. I kept getting “Walker, 2010.” There was only one reference to a 2011 Walker version and I went with the majority records.

    I have now moved it to Eligible. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line …


    Terry Doherty


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