Stephen Colbert and Maurice Sendak Together At Last

Last year, after noticing the Today Show had decided to break their tradition of interviewing the Newbery and Caldecott winners the day after they won, I suggested that Stephen Colbert do it instead.  While it didn’t happen last year or this year (and I know for a fact that this year’s Newbery winner Jack Gantos could easily match Colbert, crazy comment for crazy comment), they did something arguably more awesome: they got Colbert interviewing “Mo” (as he calls him at one point) Maurice Sendak.

And so if you want to see one of the best octogenarians ever interviewed by Stephen Colbert, much no-holds-barred talk about children’s books, Colbert’s effort to write a children’s book, and so much more greatness go see “Grim Colberty Tales” Part 1 and Part 2 now, now, now.


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5 responses to “Stephen Colbert and Maurice Sendak Together At Last

  1. Brilliant interview and defense of good literature for children.


  2. Wonderful! Thank you for alerting me to this!!!


  3. Loved this. Beyond the hilarity, I got a really strong sense that Colbert actually respects children’s books, which was really gratifying.


  4. the huffing. THE HUFFING!

    my love for colbert really knows no bounds. i agree with shoshana — he does respect children’s books. and if i were a betting lady i would bet that I Am a Pole (and So Can You) will be in bookstores before too long, with Colbert’s share of the royalties going to Donors Choose.


  5. Amy MacDonald

    These interviews were brilliant. Colbert is such a devil. They were the polar opposite of Sendak’s interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. She brought out the gentle, philosophic side of him. [A link to that interview on my web site, if that’s permitted, is here:


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