What About Fact Checking?

I just received a copyedited version of my forthcoming book, Africa Is My Home, and one of the things the copyeditor did is a whole lot of fact checking. I had no idea that was part of her job, but boy am I glad it was. Having seen serious errors in other books I’ve been fretting a great deal about the possibility of some in my own.  Thus my fascination with Dan Kois’s “Facts are Stupid” in which an “essayist and his fact-checker go to battle over the line between true and false.”  I recommend it highly for anyone grappling with the issues of truth in nonfiction, creative nonfiction, essays, historical fiction, and more.



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4 responses to “What About Fact Checking?

  1. You should read The Lifetime of a Fact – fascinating look at the issue from the viewpoint of an author and a fact checker.


  2. ~mwt

    I’d like to say something clever about how Kathleen Sturtevant examined this topic in A True and Faithful Narrative, but all I can come up with is that it was a really good book and I’m sorry it didn’t get more attention when it was published.

    The Kois article was fascinating. I was surprised by the vehemence of my response to his “32 errors.”


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