Germans and their Fairy Tales

Thanks to Heidi Heiner for alerting me to this video that Jack Zipes showed at the recent Grimm Legacies conference (that I so wish I could have attended).



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4 responses to “Germans and their Fairy Tales

  1. What fun! I used to live down the road from Hanau. I remember that the Grimms were grammarians engaged in writing a German dictionary and grammar book. Fairy tales were just a side project for them.


  2. Julie Larios

    Oh, I wanted to go to that conference, too! My lecture at Vermont College of Fine Arts this January was all about fairy tales (not looking for the Truth about Germans, but the Truth about Americans: As a culture, why do we always want the happy ending?) Thanks for sharing the video – I love the Cinderella he found for himself! And dibs on that little orange car….


  3. I love fairy tales, even bastardized versions like the Disney movies and the television show Grimm. I like Bettelheim’s theory that the brutal original stories help children deal with their fears.


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