Some Sites Worth Visiting

I follow all sorts of blog, sites, twitterers, many familiar to all of you too, I’m sure. Here are a handful that may not be.

Brain Pickings I kept coming across cool posts from this site and so began following. I’m clearly late to this party, but maybe some of you are too.  From the About page:

Brain Pickings is the brain child of Maria Popova, a cultural curator and curious mind at large, who also writes for Wired UKThe Atlantic and Design Observer, among others. She gets occasional help from a handful of talented contributors.

There’s all sorts of fascinating stuff on this site, but it was Maria’s featuring new-to-me children’s literature material that made me sit up and take notice. The most recent is “A Brief History of Children’s Picture Books and the Art of Visual Storytelling” a substantive and fascinating review of Martin Salisbury’s book Children’s Picture Books: The Art of Visual Storytelling.

Culture at The Guardian  The children’s book coverage is excellent, but there is related material too that you might miss if you only followed their children’s site.  Say “Hugo and the magic of film trickery.”   Or this provocative piece:  “Beautiful bookshops? No thanks.”

Building a Library I just came across this one via a twitter friend (and my apologies for not remembering just who). It is a young blog by a young dad who is writing smart stuff, say this post on Scholastic/USA Today’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids List.

Pink Me Here’s a blogging librarian I’ve been following for some time. Paula reviews all sorts of material and is invariably blunt, witty, and smart. Recently she came up with a fabulous idea, to provide “Reader Advisory to those actors and actresses who have starred in movies based on books written for kids and teens.” In her first post of this “Librarian to the Stars” series  (and I can’t wait for more) she gives Jennifer Lawrence a few suggestions.



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2 responses to “Some Sites Worth Visiting

  1. Catherine

    Thank you, Monica, for these links. I really loved Brain Pickings. As so often happens, it led me to other sites with more interesting ideas. My brain is full!


  2. Love Brain Pickings. She such a great curator. Off to visit your other recommendations.


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