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Wanna Buy Me Charlie Chaplin’s Cane?

Some readers know that I’m rather besotted with Charlie Chaplin. After years of casually showing his movies to my 4th graders, last year I made it all a proper study culminating in a movie a la Charlie. We are doing it again this year. Additionally, I’m working on a book about his Little Tramp character. So, yeah, I’m a bit obsessed.

No surprise then that my ears pricked up just now hearing an NPR piece about next week’s “Hollywood Legends” auction. There are, I learned a whole bunch of Chaplin items I’d love to have, say one of his hats, a cane, a pair of his “worn” bow ties, a carving of his iconic boots, or a mini-projector of his and some film reels. The sale also includes stuff I have absolutely no interest in owning, say his international driver’s license or a pair of his pajamas. Oh, there’s other stuff too — say photos of Marilyn Monroe and JFK’s rocking chair.



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