Wanna Buy Me Charlie Chaplin’s Cane?

Some readers know that I’m rather besotted with Charlie Chaplin. After years of casually showing his movies to my 4th graders, last year I made it all a proper study culminating in a movie a la Charlie. We are doing it again this year. Additionally, I’m working on a book about his Little Tramp character. So, yeah, I’m a bit obsessed.

No surprise then that my ears pricked up just now hearing an NPR piece about next week’s “Hollywood Legends” auction. There are, I learned a whole bunch of Chaplin items I’d love to have, say one of his hats, a cane, a pair of his “worn” bow ties, a carving of his iconic boots, or a mini-projector of his and some film reels. The sale also includes stuff I have absolutely no interest in owning, say his international driver’s license or a pair of his pajamas. Oh, there’s other stuff too — say photos of Marilyn Monroe and JFK’s rocking chair.



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2 responses to “Wanna Buy Me Charlie Chaplin’s Cane?

  1. Charlie Chaplin’s is a legends icon of Hollywood. His drama is fantabolus. I like him very much.


  2. David

    Hello. Chaplin was the best! That is so wonderful that you are showing his work to your students. What films are you showing? What Are their reactions? I have been putting together an authentic period Chaplin tramp costume. His cane has been the hardest piece to find. I have a Derby from 1890 an edwardian cut away morning jacket fron 1910 and an old pair of size 14 shoes exactly like the ones he wore. I am having a local cobler add patches to the shoes to match the ones in some nice close-up photos of them in his book called “My Life In Pictures by Charlie Chaplin”. Do you have a copy of that book? David


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