A Muslim Reader’s Take on Narnia

Decades later, I still find it hard to reconcile the fact that the Narnia books are immensely enjoyable and gripping children’s stories, with the theological undercurrents which Lewis has woven into them. Which is why I think they are a great read when you are nine years old, but more troubling later on.

From  Imran Ahmad’s “Narnia in the Eyes of a Young Muslim Reader.”



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2 responses to “A Muslim Reader’s Take on Narnia

  1. Thanks for linking this. I also find the Narnia series so much more troubling as an adult than I did as a child, and it’s hard to tell whether times have just changed or I couldn’t see the misogyny/racism/authoritarian Christian tones as a child. Probably a bit of both. They are wonderful books, and such a lovely memory for me, but when one of my young readers is looking for fantasy, I find myself much more inclined to give them a George Macdonald, maybe the Hobbit if they are old enough, or even one of the modern fantasy series (Sisters Grimm, Bartimaeus)


    • As a very young teacher I decided to teach the THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE as I remembered it as such a favorite and boy was I surprised upon rereading it to discover all the Christian stuff. Seemed impossible to miss as an adult, but clearly kids don’t see it at all.


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