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Book Trailer Project: The Finished Trailers

This year we read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland then we decided… that we were going to make a lovely, funny, amusing, interesting, and awesome Alice in Wonderland book trailer.

The point of the trailer was to tell people that Alice in Wonderland isn’t a scary book written for older kids. It’s a clever and funny story written for a nine year old girl. A great book for all ages.

From reading the book to writing this post, I have been thinking to myself, “This is the best project yet this year.”

The final step was to publish the trailers and so the children put them on their individual blogs along with a written overview of the project. Since these are private we also put them on a public blog and so you are encouraged to head over there where all the trailers are available along with excerpts from the children’s blog posts (a few of which are above). And for those of you who want just a taste, here’s a montage:

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