The World of Children’s Literature Has Just Lost Another Great One, Peter D. Sieruta

The Internet is many things, one of the best being the way we can get to know people virtually, people who may be far from us physically, but close to us in terms of interests and ideas.  I’ve gotten to know many wonderful people this way, one of them the incomparable Peter D. Sieruta who passed away yesterday far too soon. I remember first coming across Peter via some witty articles* in the Horn Book Magazine, perhaps his 2005 piece, “10 Things that Piss Me Off!” in which he nailed many still-festering problems we see today in children’s book publishing (say supersized books). And so I was delighted when he started his own blog with the simple title, “Collecting Children’s Books,” a title that only touched upon the range, wit, and intelligence that was within. I learned to wait eagerly for Peter’s Sunday Brunches, his April 1 posts, and his many others that addressed topics at a level, degree, and length no one else could do. Having seen the depth of his knowledge and  passion for children’s and YA literature I eagerly awaited his book with Betsy and Jules. Now I do more than ever (and am incomparably saddened at their loss as well as the loss Peter’s friends and family is experiencing) as it will be a way for even more to appreciate and admire this remarkable man. As one small way to memorialize Peter through his own work here are a few links to some of my favorite blog posts of his. Perhaps other faithful readers of Peter’s blog would like to contribute their own favorites here in the comments or elsewhere. His voice will live on.

* ETA Sherry in a comment below pointed us to this delightful 1998 HB piece of Peter’s, “Dear Clueless: The Rejection Letters of Edna Albertson.”



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14 responses to “The World of Children’s Literature Has Just Lost Another Great One, Peter D. Sieruta

  1. Oh no. This is terribly sad.


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  3. Sherry

    This will make all of his friends smile. He had a way with words like no one I ever knew.


    • Sherry, thanks! I poked around the Horn Book site unsuccessfully to find some of his pieces so glad you did better than me. If you don’t mind, I’m adding it to the post.


      • Sherry

        Monica; I’m delighted to share. Shortly after I met Peter (2006) he was guiding me in starting my grandchildren’s library and I was talking about him to our local children’s librarian. She immediately began typing and pulled up that post and sent it to me. I have kept it all these years and read it from time to time. He knew everything.


  4. Thank you for this, Monica. What a loss.


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  6. rlgibson

    Though I only knew Peter through his blog and his writings in Horn Book, I feel the loss too and am so grateful for the words he shared. Thank you for posting these links Monica. Thank you and Betsy and Jules for your posts too and helping us to remember Peter.


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  8. This is such sad news. I feel as if I lost a friend, though we never met. I looked forward to his funny, sensitive, and astute Sunday postings, filled with interesting discoveries and shaped by his warmth and humility. I will miss them greatly.


  9. My children’s lit class is reading Charlotte’s Web. I was lesson planning today and flipped to the end of the book, the part about how you don’t often meet someone who is a true friend and a great writer, and I just about lost it right there in front of the class.


  10. Nina

    Oh this is devasting. I can’t imagine book award season without Peter…


  11. Anne Schmidt

    Is it too early for someone to think about editing his posts into a book? I would love a copy for our collection.


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