Philip Pullman Interview

Bookwitch has a terrific and expansive interview up with the one and only Philip Pullman.  A taste:

About his forthcoming collection of Grimm stories:

One of the things I wanted to do, was to use this as a chance to say something about stories. These are very good examples of a pure story, and I talk about when a good one works, and why, and why that one doesn’t work so well. Pull it apart in the middle and you can do this to it, and that to it, how they work better. I’ve taken liberties with quite a number of the stories and altered them and cut them a bit. Added to them a bit, turned them around.

Because this, as it says in my introduction, is not a text, it’s not something like the text in Alice in Wonderland which is, and is only, Lewis Carroll’s words and you can’t fiddle around with them. But these have already been told countless times, so I’ve taken the stories that I like, told them in the way I wanted to tell them and then used the chance to say something about how stories work. And I just love the whole business, it’s fascinating.’

As for The Book of Dust:

The other thing I’m writing at the moment is The Book of Dust, which I’ve tried to write for so long. The sequel, or what you want to call it. It will, as I see it at the moment, be embodied in two volumes, which are collectively or jointly The Book of Dust, and it will come out when it’s ready. I’m getting on with it. But I’m not making promises.

And about more Sally Lockhart stories:

Well, I’ve got at least four stories I want to write. Once I’ve got The Book of Dust out of the way… I like those characters. I want to come back to them. I like that world. I know it well and I want to enjoy it by writing more stories. So if I’m spared, I shall give you more Sally Lockhart.

Highly recommended.


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4 responses to “Philip Pullman Interview

  1. Oh, joy…can’t wait for the Grimm stories. I loved the Sally Lockhart books; the characters and atmosphere were delicious.


    • spt94

      I would seriously welcome more Sally Lockhart books. The characters, period and stories are so well realised, I reread them regularly. A pity ‘The Tin Princess’ was never made into an audio book like the other 3 of the quartet – excellently read by Anton Lesser.


  2. What a great interview! Thanks for sharing! Philip Pullman seems very wise. He is such a great teller of tales. I think he’s the perfect choice for another revision of the Grimm stories. Their darkness matches his style perfectly. His outlook on the future of authorship is also very dire…I wonder if his prediction will come true, and the mid-list authors of the world won’t be able to pay the bills because they’ve been swallowed by the bestseller phenomenons? That would be a great loss.


  3. Thanks for the Phillip Pullman news! Happy happy joy joy!!


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