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IBBY Congress Day Two

The day opened with a talk on “Why Translate Children’s Books?” by Emer O’Sullivan followed by a conversation about translation between two writers, Bart Moeyaert and Aidan Chambers.  Said Aiden, “Translation is a political act.”

I went to a session on historical representation (not a surprise to anyone who knows my interests:) which began with a very interesting talk by Patricia Kennon, “The American Girl Franchise: Historical Fiction and Imagining the American Past.”  She was followed by Chris Crowe whose talk “Through a Glass, Lightly: Translating History for Young Readers” feature some incredibly thoughtful points about the issues involved in translating history for children and how  translation influences the historical record as well as young readers’ perceptions of history. Lastly, Mari Jose Olaziregi spoke about “The Representation of American Diaspora in Basque Literature for Children.”  Afterwards , over lunch, I happily talked about back matter, historical fiction, and nonfiction for children with Chris and Hilary Crew.

In the afternoon I went to a session focusing on digital issues where I especially appreciated my friends’ Bill Teale and Junko Yokota’s presentation. Bill gave a good overview of the current ebook publishing landscape  that ranges from researchers who are focused on young children’s reading skills to commercial producers who focus on storytelling and those developing apps who are mostly interested in keeping kids engaged. Junko showed us a whole bunch of apps and ebooks and gave us a good sense what made them good or not so good.

The final program of the day was “Flying Paper” a performance featuring Basque children’s literature. I really liked the real-time illustration that accompanied the storytelling and music.

That evening I went with Junko Yokota, Bill Teale, Claudia, and Martha to the Victoria & Albert Museum. There were these crazy chairs near the entrance:

And I was happy to go again for a meal at the glorious cafe there, the very first museum cafe ever, with one of the three rooms by William Morris. Here we are in the Gambell room and then me, below, in the original grill room.


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More on the Broadway Chaplin Musical

I’m in England, but if I were home in New York today I would have taken up an invitation by the folks doing the new Chaplin musical to attend a brunch and then the matinée for the show. Instead, as soon as I get home I plan to see it.  Meantime, here’s something from the guy who is playing Charlie.

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