30 Rocks’ Homonym Game Show

“It’s always the other one!”

English is such an annoying language when it comes to spelling.  The rules are so inconsistent and unfair (says this spelling-challenged person).  Ghoti for fish is the exemplar of how impossible it all is.  And then there are homonyms/homophones.  I actually think I’m more prone to them the more I see errors of this sort done by my students. And so I just adored this past week’s 30 Rock episode with a few quick takes of their fake game show Homonyms.  I think my favorite was their use of “au pair” with the winning phrase having something to do with a pear which, of course, the hapless contestant didn’t get. Here’s a taste:



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8 responses to “30 Rocks’ Homonym Game Show

  1. I”m fairly certain they stole this idea from me:


  2. Jen

    Ghoti for fish! Bob English Who Draws will approve!


  3. Chris h

    “au pair” and “oh pear” are not homonyms.

    Homonyms are words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings.

    So, as the quiz host said, no, it’s the other one. Homophone. Not homonym.


  4. Where did you acquire the points to write ““30 Rocks Homonym Game Show | educating alice”?
    Thanks for the post -Antoinette


  5. Precisely how much time did it require you to post “30 Rocks Homonym Game Show | educating alice”?
    It includes a bunch of very good advice. With thanks -Christel


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