Happy First Birthday, Nerdy Book Club!

I have found a happy place in the children’s book world where I’m often misidentified as a librarian. But I am very much a classroom teacher and have been delighted to discover others online who are equally involved with children and their books. Say 5th and 4th grade teachers Mary Lee Hahn and Franki Sibberson who write the blog A Year of Reading and Donalyn Miller the highly lauded author of The Book Whisperer and also a 4th grade teacher like myself. And now she, 4th grade teacher (what is it with us 4th grade teachers, I tell you?) Colby Sharp, and high school English teacher Cindy Minnich are finishing out the first year of The Nerdy Book Club.

I have to admit that when they began I was wary, wondering if they really could make it the welcoming-to-all-comers-club they had in mind. But they have won me over this past year, maintaining their populist intent by inviting and then publishing posts from a variety of folks including teachers, writers, librarians, illustrators, and other book-lovers. I’ve been repeatedly impressed with the care that they are taking to do this right. In fact, I’ve been in touch about doing a post myself on a topic that I think may be of interest to their audience which, I suspect, may not read this blog or others like it.

Currently they’ve a call out for nominations for their second annual Nerdy Book Club Awards.

In a sea of end-of-year book lists and awards, our little award seeks to honor the 2012 children’s and young adults’ titles that teachers, librarians, authors, booksellers, parents, and most of all, young people, have loved reading this year.

The Nerdy Book Club feels like a true labor of love by a group of enthusiastic and committed teachers who sincerely and completely and utterly adore books. Congratulations on your first birthday, Nerdy!


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  1. donalynm

    I am thrilled that you enjoy the Nerdy Book Club blog. We never imagined what a home we were creating for readers when we started the blog last year. Thank you for sharing it with others! I can’t wait to read your post.


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