Thoughts on Newbery: Tis the Night Before Newbery…

and all through Seattle, not a creature is stirring especially not the tired members of the 2013 Newbery Committee. 

To help prepare those not as familiar as others about what to expect tomorrow I’ve written a “Top Ten Things You May Not Know About the Newbery Award” for the Nerdy Book Club.

Don’t know about you but I am very excited for tomorrow morning!


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3 responses to “Thoughts on Newbery: Tis the Night Before Newbery…

  1. Thanks for an outstanding post over at NBC. I linked it to my take on the awards over at Tiny Tips. It’s worth re-running annually. So many myths to bust!


  2. Suzanne Kolsun-Jackson

    thanks for the link just read this susannah is there she texted me her top fav s yesterday wonder crow three times lucky bomb twelve kinds of ice false prince liar and spy so am sure it will be one of those as each member comes to committee with top seven


  3. Thanks for your AMAZING Nerdy post:)


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