SLJ’s Battle of the Kids Books Update

So the judges have all been announced (and even if you don’t read all their bios, do go read our Big Kahuna’s — Frank Cottrell Boyce — as it is a hoot) and today we reveal the brackets. That is, their specific matches. And tomorrow we open the Undead Poll — our viewers chance to bring back their favorite book for the final Big Kahuna round.

Just to again say — the idea behind the BoB is to create a structure that allows us all to revisit books from last year and consider them alongside some mighty distinguished writers. Over the years we’ve had amazing ones and their decisions are always thoughtful, provocative, and well worth reading no matter what you think about pitting book against each other and such.




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One response to “SLJ’s Battle of the Kids Books Update

  1. We’re getting so close to round 1!! When you wrote that the brackets were being posted today, I had a mini-freak out because I thought all of the pairings were being switched up, but no… it’s just a lovely graphic showing how our favorites will make their way to the Big Kahuna. The only bad news? Hazel and Gus have to battle Julie and Maddie BEFORE the 3rd round! Thank goodness the Undead Poll opens tomorrow :)


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