Congratulations to New New York Times Book Review Editor, Pamela Paul

I was delighted to see yesterday’s announcement that Pamela Paul was assuming the editorship of the New York Times Book Review.  Two years ago she became the children’s books editor and,  knowing many would be curious about her as she was coming from outside the children’s literature world,  I interviewed her for a blog profile, beginning:

Recently, Pamela Paul, the new children’s book editor at The New York Times Book Review chatted with me about her background, books, and some of her plans. In the course of our communications, Pamela asked me how I found the time to blog as a full-time teacher and I responded that I wondered the same about her. The author of three well-received books, and articles for a variety of publications including The EconomistTime Magazine as well as the New York Times, Pamela is also the mother of three very young children. Count me as impressed.

Count me as even more impressed two years later. Pamela has done so much for the world of children’s books — introducing weekly online picture book reviews, expanding the scope of books reviewed, adding in special sections such as one on Back to School books, upping the number of the Times’  yearly notable children’s books, and more.  In the midst of this exciting work, she expanded to features editor and continued to write articles on a variety of topics for the Times and elsewhere. Pamela is smart, thoughtful, a terrific editor from the point of view of a reviewer, and I can’t wait to see what she does in this new role.


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