Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical

I wrote my first post about the Matilda musical back in 2010 right before the original RSC production opened — the various videos and the RSC trailer (on my post) had me smitten and so the first thing I did when finalizing a trip to London last August was to get a ticket to the London production.  Now  I’m planning another summer trip to London and. while it is still all very mysterious, I’m planning on getting tickets to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, which begins previews next month.  Why?  First of all, Sam Mendes is directing and he did one of the most memorable shows I ever saw, a production of Cabaret with Alan Cummings as the MC and Natasha Richardson as Sally Bowles.  The rest of the creative team looks impressive too, say the choreographer Peter Darling who also did Matilda and Billy Eliot. The recently released teaser trailer below is just that, a tease, with no sense of anything at all.

A little more poking around and I found a British Vogue article with costume sketches by Mark Thompson.

He admits that creating the costumes for the oompa loompas was the biggest challenge.

“I can’t tell you why yet, but there is a lot of puppetry involved,” he said. “It’s about tricks of the eye. The whole thing has a feeling of yesterday, but there’s no specific time or period. I don’t know if I’ve captured the whimsical, magical nature of the plot yet – we’ll have to see how it’s received, but I have worked at capturing the wit of it all.”

That’s it so far!



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5 responses to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical

  1. Coming to London??? Let me know!


  2. Lucky you! Just saw the NYC Matilda–fabulous cast and production!!
    (can’t hear the lyrics though) Loved the mom, dad, kids, and sublime Miss Trunchbull! Matilda ok. Would like to see it with a different girl.


    • I’ve now seen three Matildas, two in NCY and one in London. The problem is that I don’t think they let you know ahead of time which girl is on for a particular performance.


  3. Jen

    Roald Dahl is getting a lot of musical theater love! Personally, I think a stage version of The Witches would be a LOT of fun.


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