BEA and Me (Signing AFRICA IS MY HOME)

BEA is, as many know, the premier bookseller trade show, which has been held in NYC for the last few years. Years ago I made it to the floor and remember it as incredibly big and wild, getting coveted ARCs, crazy guys in costumes promoting books, tasty treats, swag, and being completely blown away by it all.

And so when Candlewick contacted me about doing a signing for my forthcoming book at this year’s show I was thrilled and nervous. Thrilled, as it is making the long road to publication real, and nervous, as I remembered that autographing hall full of long lines for the famous and the rest just…er…sitting there. Fortunately, I’m doing an in-booth signing rather than one in that intimidating autographing area and will be supported by all the great Candlewick books and folk. And so for anyone who might be there, I will be signing on Thursday at 3:30 stapled full-color F & Gs of the 64 page book.

Finally, I have to say that seeing my name on the BEA website is very, very cool!




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4 responses to “BEA and Me (Signing AFRICA IS MY HOME)

  1. Jen

    Congratulations! What’s the BEA like on the other side? Not that I’ve been on either side…


  2. Eric

    Any chance Candlewick will have you signing these F&Gs at ALA as well?


    • They haven’t said anything so I’m thinking not given that the F&Gs are in very limited supply (I don’t have one myself) and they may not have enough for an ALA signing.


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