Queen for a Day

Africa is My Home isn’t out till October, but marketing and publicity for it revved up yesterday with Candlewick featuring it at their NYC fall preview and having me do a signing of advance copies at BEA.

I’ve been going to various publisher previews for years, but not as a featured author!  It was strange and wonderful.  They saved Africa for last and my editor Sarah Ketchersid did a wonderful job presenting it. After that I spoke a bit, several attendees who have been part of my long journey to publication did too and there was applause and a few tears, not all of them mine. I will say again, it has been a very long road to get here and I will never be able to thank enough all those who were there along the way.

Sarah and I then zipped over to the Javits Center. She went to meetings and I went to wander the exhibits until it was time for my signing. I’d been to BEA a few years ago, but it sure has changed since then in that most of the bigger publishers no longer have any books on display. That was mighty strange, but I’m not a bookseller so perhaps this works better for them and the convention is for them, after all, not for the likes of me. I happily spent time at some smaller publishers who DID have physical books on hand.

And then it was time for my signing. I arrived at Candlewick’s booth to discover this big poster:


They asked me what sort of pen I wanted to sign with and provided me with an assortment to choose from. Then the line began to form…


and I began to sign. And sign. And sign. I was incredibly touched by those I knew who came, but the majority were people I didn’t know at all. And many of them said such kind things about the book and the idea of the book. I so didn’t expect many to come to this signing so I was overwhelmed and very, very happy!


Thank you, Candlewick, for my day as queen!



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8 responses to “Queen for a Day

  1. Monica, thanks for sharing this happy moment. I’m away–sorry to have missed your signing, but looking forward to reading your lovely book.


  2. mazel tov! the cover is beautiful.


  3. Sam Bloom

    That is so exciting! I too am looking forward to reading your book. Enjoy your reign, Queen Monica! =)


  4. Thank you Monica for sharing your moment with us. I like it and i am sure all your fans would love it Queen for a Day.


  5. Just looked up your book on Amazon – looks like a good read for children here in Sierra Leone ( you will know how hard it is to find relevant books!): any chance it will be available here?


    • I would love for it to be available there (I’ve dedicated it to the people of Sierra Leone). Any suggestion how to make it so? I can certainly send books (once they are available) to those who would get them in the hands of children.


      • I wonder if we could set something up via US Embassy here, or Peace Corps? US Ambassador is due to change soon, so will be different person in autumn. (I am with British High Commission – spouse) If you are able to donate some, I’m sure we could get them to places where they will be well used. You could email me: pjhap@hotmail.com


  6. Liz Szabla

    Congratulations, Monica! The book looks beautiful and I’m looking forward to reading and perusing it.


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