After Seeing The ABC of It

Having now seen “The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter,” here is a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post. First thing to know is that it is wonderful — witty in design and delightful in the actual objects on display. It is reflective of curator Leonard S. Marcus’s intelligent and deep understanding of children’s books — this is reflective in the works on display, their organization, the whimsical exhibit design (Leonard worked closely with the designers on this), and the informative wall cards and text. As it will be on through next March I urge anyone who is in or visits New York City to be sure to go (specifics are here).


There’s a rabbit hole!


And Alice’s neck (made of books and pages) moves up and down.


The man of the hour, Leonard Marcus.


NYPL’s Betsy Bird and Jeanne Lamb who helped behind the scenes (along with many others at NYPL) in front of a section featuring NYC books (and Faith Ringold’s quilt).


This is probably hard to see because of my shadow, but those are two teeny weeny red shoes in a corner of The Wizard of Oz display.


This photo has all the words it needs, doesn’t it?



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4 responses to “After Seeing The ABC of It

  1. I want to see it! Unfortunately, New Mexico is a bit far from New York. I wonder, is there a book that goes with the exhibit?


  2. I don’t know of any book with it, unfortunately.


  3. Monica, would you take kids to this exhibit, and if so, how old should they be?


  4. I saw mention of the exhibit on my art director’s Twitter feed (Laurent Linn of Simon & Schuster Children’s), excitedly took a cab to NYPL in my one free time slot during a recent visit to NY….only to find out that I was ONE DAY early for the exhibit. :-( After having seen your post, I’m even more frustrated I missed it this time!

    I have vowed to go back to NYPL before the exhibit ends.

    Thanks for the photos and post!


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