Uma Krishnaswami’s The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic

Divi is back in this sequel to the delightful middle grade novel,  The Grand Plan to Fix Everything She’s in DC briefly, after a year in India, for the American premier of the latest movie starring the irrepressible diva Dolly Singh, whom we first met in the first book. Of course, as in any Bollywood movie worth its salt, nothing goes as it should. Eager to see her best friend Maddy, Divi finds that someone new has arrived on the scene and wonders if they are still the BFF they were before she went away. Within hours of their arrival Dolly’s passport goes missing, not that she is worried. Nothing seems to faze that bubble-headed star! But Divi, Dolly’s new and adoring husband, and her morose and long-suffering agent are all kept on their toes trying to do what Dolly wants for the premier, say finding the right caterer, sufficient rose petals and an elephant. As in the first book, there are multiple plot threads that all come together in a very happy and celebratory ending complete with cake and dancing.  As charming as the first, I hope there are more to come!

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