Off to Oxford, London, and Edinburgh

I’m off on a play/work jaunt to the UK later today.

First stop is Oxford to do some research for my new Alice project.* I’ve visited many times, the most memorable being a magical week in 1998 at Christ Church, celebrating Lewis Carroll’s centenary. Ever since I’ve avoided the inside of the college, wanting to keep pure my memories of that wonderful time: living in Meadow Quad, extraordinary meals at the Hall, champaign at sunset, late night port, the Deanery Garden, and much more. Now I do need to revisit places related to the Alice story and am fortunate that my return to the college will be with Mark and Catherine Richards of the Lewis Carroll Society who organized that 1998 event (and  just may have provided that port.) And then something very special (thanks to Philip Pullman who put us in touch with each other): a boat journey with Mark Davies, author of Alice in Waterland: Lewis Carroll and the River Thames in Oxford.

Next will be London. I’m traveling with a young colleague who has never been to the UK before so I’ve been having fun thinking of my favorite things to do with her. Our plans include the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, the Charles Dickens Museum, the Cheshire Cheese Pub,  tea in Kensington Gardens, visiting the Richards and seeing their extraordinary Carroll collection, catching up with Joan Aiken’s daughter Lizza (whom I also visited last year), having dinner in the V & A’s gorgeous Morris rooms where their cafe is located. Oh and seeing stuff there (say this special exhibit on Beatrix Potter’s sketches of a beautiful waistcoat). This visit is a little bittersweet as I will not, for the first time, be going to Swain’s Lane in Highgate to see my cousin Lotte Passer who passed away earlier this year at the age of 99. (Do read this Guardian obituary — she was an extraordinary woman who was instrumental in getting my mother and her family out of Germany in 1939 as well as many others.)

Our final stop will be Edinburgh where I’ve never been.  I’m very excited to see this city that is always so enthusiastically praised and because of the festivals that will all be going on. Thanks to the press office at the book festival I will be doing this and this and will be reporting back about both for sure.

I may or may not post while en route, otherwise, see you when I get back!

*As many who read this blog know, I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Every year I read it aloud; for a taste of last year’s students’ enthusiastic responses check out their book trailers. Providing context is key; I tell them a lot about Oxford and the life of the real Alice and her siblings, read some of the original poetry Carroll parodies, oversee an indoor croquet game, organize a caucus race (complete with confit-like prizes for all), and attempt a quadrille. Wanting to somewhat replicate this experience in book-form, I’m exploring doing so from the point of view of the Liddell children (among them the well-known Alice and the almost completely overlooked brother, Harry).

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