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Oxford Day One

It felt as if our first day in Oxford was twice as long as most days, understandable as we had just completed an overnight flight from NYC*.  

We left our baggage at Keble College as our rooms weren’t ready and went over to the Vaults for breakfast. You can see the Radcliffe Camera behind Tyner near where students were preparing for graduation ceremonies being held that day.


Sitting there I saw this intriguing stone and wondered what the story behind it was.  


We then took a tour of Sir Humphrey’s Library which is totally awesome and it was fun looking out to see students all in various gowns readying themselves for the ceremony.  After that we went to a fantastic exhibit which is also online, “Magical Books: From the Middle Ages to Middle Earth.”


We then checked in (above is the building we are in) and I highly recommend staying at Keble or another college rather than a hotel if you get the chance. We enjoyed watching the various graduates and their families take photos.  (That sign says “We can’t wait to see Claire in her silks.”)


Dinner was at the Eagle and Child with this adorable server who joked so much about everyone taking Inkling photos that we just had to do one of her (and I tweeted it, of course).


Putting tons of malt vinegar on my very nice fish and chips.


We managed to then walk around a bit more before returning to the college and collapsing.

*Kudos to Virgin Atlantic for providing legroom, amenities to coach passengers, lovely flight attendants, and a very smooth flight.

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