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London Part One

We took it very easy yesterday and spent most of it in and around Kensington Gardens.  We walked along Kensington Place Gardens trying to figure out the flags of the different embassies.  We then entered the park and looked for the Orangery. (Years ago Roxanne and I had a lovely tea there and, since Tyner was eager to have a traditional tea, I suggested we go there.) Took a bit of time to find it as we kept being distracted by signs for the Princess Diana Memorial Walk and wondering what it was. (Now I see it is a series of walks through different parks.)  We finally found the Orangery and had an absolutely lovely tea. I had my first Pimm’s cup.  We then wandered the Gardens — enjoying especially the baby ducks at the Italian Gardens.  (We also have a rather macabre story involving a worried mother duck and a baby duck or bird falling out of a tree.) And of course we visited Peter. In years past I’d often stayed nearby and have found memories of morning runs in that area.  A lovely and relaxing day.


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