Some Slippery Poems Selected by Lemony Snicket and Illustrated by Chris Raschka

The poems contained in this children’s poetry portfolio are not made for children. Poetry is like a curvy slide in a playground — an odd object, available to the public — and, as I keep explaining to my local police force, everyone should be able to use it, not just those of a certain age.

So begins Lemony Snicket’s introduction to “All Good Slides Are Slippery,” a delightful selection of poems that he thinks may appeal to children despite not being specifically written for them.  Charmingly illustrated by Chris Raschka and annotated in Snicket’s unique way (“‘Sensible’ is a word which here means ‘full of common sense.’ Poetry usually isn’t.”), this is a lovely collection.  Whether the poets are familiar or not,  their poems, Snicket’s notes, and Raschka’s illustrations are very likely to be appreciated by a verse-loving child.

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