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CBC’s Diversity Blog

With every post I become a bigger and bigger fan of the CBC Diversity Blog.  It is one of several initiatives by the CBC Diversity Committee of the Children’s Book Council, the national nonprofit trade association for children’s publishers. They’ve got a good page of resources for those “interested in producing, promoting, buying, or writing diverse books for children,” provide links to various news pieces, and do a weekly round-up you can subscribe to,  Best of all, they get some thoughtful people to write wonderful posts on all aspects of this complicated topic. They’ve invited people to write about  Books That Changed My Life, others to write about How I Got Into Publishing, and have an ongoing series I especially admire: It’s Complicated.  In this last, they’ve looked at book covers, “writing outside your perspective,” and most recently “authentic voices.”  It has become one of the first blogs I look at because I can count on the posts being thoughtful, complex, and ones that add immeasurably to what I think I already know. HIgh recommended.


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