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Terrific-Looking New Comic Book

And by comic book I mean a book full of old-fashioned comics, the sort from the Sunday papers.  This is Society is Nix: Gleeful Anarchy and the Dawn of the American Comic Strip 18915-1915the latest from the terrific publisher, Sunday Press Books.  This publisher’s books are productions of love — gorgeous and big as they feel strongly that you need to experience the comics in their original broadsheet style. The two I own, Little Nemo in Slumberland and Sammy Sneeze (the comic Winsor McCay did before Little Nemo) are huge and gorgeous, truly books as art.  Their website has a whole bunch of sample pages of the books— I urge you to check them out.  They are not only gorgeous art, but fascinating works of history.  (Thanks to Carol Rasco for the tip to this article about the book.)



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