NYC Parent Marjorie Ingall on Ethical Parenting

As someone who teaches in an elite NYC private school I am very aware of the moral quandaries our parents find themselves in, a situation that was highlighted in the recent New York Magazine article, “Ethical Parenting.” Not being a parent myself I am cautious about judging those who are, but  have to admit to discomfort at the justifications made for actions that benefit some at the expense of others. And so I was very happy to read  Marjorie Ingall‘s riposte, “Ethical Parenting is More Than Possible: It’s Essential for Parents and Children Alike.” Marjorie is an urban parent, one whose children go to local public schools. (She has worked liked crazy to keep a library in one of them in this era where too many public school leaders see them as a frill). She is also a terrific writer — this article is smart, funny, and furious. Read it and then joint the rest of us who are waiting with bated breath for her forthcoming book.


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3 responses to “NYC Parent Marjorie Ingall on Ethical Parenting

  1. Aw, thanks, Monica. Your blog’s a must-read for me. Congrats on YOUR book!


  2. I love this article and clearly she is a kindred spirit! I hope you check out my blog which offers practical ways to teach the social and emotional skills she is referring to in family life.


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