Philip Pullman, Shaun Tan, and Grimm Fairy Tales


Last summer, at a wonderful international children’s literature conference, I met Klaus Humann of Aladin Verlag at which time, among other things, we chatted about his publishing a German edition of Philip Pullman’s Grimm fairy tales retellings. It was interesting to talk to him and later to Philip about the interesting situation of translating a British retelling of what was, after all, originally a collection of stories written and published in German.

I think I also did vaguely know, but forgot until now that Shaun Tan was to do the cover. But now I just learned that he did much more than that, he did illustrations too, small sculptures for each of the stories, no less!  Of course, I ordered it immediately.  You can see a few of them and read about Shaun’s thinking about the creation of them here.  



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5 responses to “Philip Pullman, Shaun Tan, and Grimm Fairy Tales

  1. Zoe

    Hi Monica, I think the final link isn’t the one you meant to use – it goes to the same german publisher’s webpage, rather than a page about Shaun’s work. Perhaps I’m mistaken (I haven’t tried to read the German)?


  2. I wish I could read German, but maybe I’ll get it for the art alone. The cover is wonderful.


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