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Africa is My Home: A Bookstore Event and a Few More Things

Thanks to everyone at the Bankstreet Bookstore, especially manager Andy Laties, and to all who came to yesterday’s event. It was really, really  lovely to see my family, colleagues, friends, and students with their families.  It was surprisingly daunting to be on the author-side of things, but everyone was so positive and interested that I was able to relax, read, answer questions, and sign. (If you weren’t able to make it you can still order signed copies from the bookstore.)





Now that the book is out in the world it is really exciting to see mentions, features, and blog reviews. Here are some I came across recently:

  •  The University of Arizona’s World of Words site is featuring the book here.
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi wrote this lovely review in which  she wishes the book had been around when she was a kid. Me too, Debbie!
  • In Nancy Bo Flood’s kind review she writes with great appreciation of my work and that of illustrator Robert Byrd.
  • Kendal Rautzhan featured the book in her round-up of books on compassion.

And finally, for those in New York City, Robert Byrd’s glorious final spread from the book is in this year’s Original Art Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators — go see it!



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