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My Battle/Birthday Bunny

My birthday was a few weeks ago and for fun I decided to read aloud Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, and Matthew Myers’ wonderful and subversive-to-the-depths Battle Bunny.  I thought I’d made clear just what it was, but my class was silent and I was puzzled. Later I discovered they thought someone named Alex had really destroyed the book and were very confused and even a bit dismayed. Once I made things clear they breathed sighs of relief! Ah well… I will just have to do better next time, because I adore the book (and already wrote a longer post review articulating my my enthusiasm).

So how fun to see My Birthday Bunny — a site with all sorts of crazy things you can do with the book created by Bank Street College librarian Allie Bruce. It is fun to navigate through and provides all sorts of great ways to get kids to take the crazy ideas of the book out and beyond.  To my mind, of particular fun, is the blank Birthday Bunny provided along with the invitation to kids to make their own crazy messed-up re-write. They’ve already got a bunch here.






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