NCTE: Teri Lesesne, Rita Williams-Garcia, M.T. Anderson, Gene Yang, and Me

Since NCTE is in nearby Boston this year and knowing my book would just be out, I put together what looks to be a stimulating panel on historical fiction, “Inventing the Past: Historical Fiction Comes Alive.”  Here’s the annotation:

Complex, creative, and compelling, historical fiction challenges young readers with ideas from a wide range of times and places, offering rich instructional possibilities in this time of Common Core. Join M. T. Anderson, Monica Edinger, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Gene Yang in an exploration of the creation and teaching of fictional works about the past.

Our chair is  Professor Teri Lesesne (aka The Goddess of YA Literature and an unceasing advocate for teachers). Looks pretty awesome, does it not?  It is 11 -12:15 on Friday, November 22nd in the Hynes Convention Center.


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