Africa is My Home is a NYTimes Notable Children’s Book!

Yesterday evening, a publishing friend and I were just heading out into a rainy New York City for a quiet pre-Thanksgiving dinner when I learned that Africa is My Home is a New York Times Notable Children’s Book of 2013. It was great to get the news with her as she knows just how big deal it is.  I’m still floating on air amazed that this happened and to be among those other distinguished book creators.  Just…well…wow….


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9 responses to “Africa is My Home is a NYTimes Notable Children’s Book!

  1. ewein2412

    congratulations! I saw that last night and am thrilled for you! (Must get a copy, too.) Have a lovely Thanksgiving!


    • To be on a list as an author with the likes of you — the atmosphere is different now. Email me or DM me your address and I’ll get a copy to you (as I don’t think it is available in the UK).


      • ewein2412

        Done. Thank you! and believe me, that “author the likes of you” stuff is nonsense. One successful novel out of 6 ensures one never takes such accolades for granted! But it’s a wonderful air to breathe. I have had no time to read ANYTHING for pleasure this year and am really looking forward to Eleanor & Park as well.


  2. barbaraoconnor

    Congratulations, Monica! I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat longer at NCTE


  3. Congratulations! I’m sorry I didn’t get to your signing at NCTE, but I’ll be ordering Africa is My Home this weekend. It looks like an amazing book.


  4. Linnea Hendrickson

    This is so wonderful, Monica! I remember when you first talked to me about your ideas for this book — in a hotel lobby in Atlanta ages ago! I know what a long process it is been, and how many decisions you had to make along the way. I am so very happy for you that it finally all came together with such wonderful and critically recognized results.


    • I remember too! I am so grateful to you and the others who listened to me talk about it as it helped me sort out how to tell it and to keep it alive and real those many years it was in the works.


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