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RIP Peter O’Toole

One of my favorite less familiar Peter O’Toole performances is as the unhinged Earl of Gurney in The Ruling Class. The movie starts out light and then gets crazily darker and darker, but it is the first part with several surreal musical comedy numbers that I liked the most.  Unfortunately, I could only find the below blurry youtube video that gives a weak taste of them. (I should also mention that the Earl is totally bonkers and, in the first part of the movie thinks he is Jesus and later on, Jack the Ripper.)

Another is his performance as god-like director Eli Cross in The Stunt Man.

And then there is always and forever the glorious Lawrence of Arabia.

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Africa is My Home: A Couple of Things

This is still sometimes an old-fashioned web log where I document stuff, say items related to my book. Having it all here means, hopefully, I won’t lose it.  And so here are two cool photos that folks tweeted to me yesterday.

1. A 5th grade reading and writing teacher in the Boston public schools,  @Ms McGlone, tweeted:

We have just begun #africaismyhome Students fascinated! Comparing as we read Equiano’s autobiography.


I love what this teacher is doing with the book and hope to be further in touch with her and her class about it.

2. A former colleague now teaching 4th grade at another school, @jennykirsch, tweeted:

Look what I stumbled upon at the bookstore! So exciting!


Jenny told me that it is from a midtown Barnes & Noble. Since the book published I’ve only been to the Bank Street Book Store and so this is my first indication of it elsewhere.  Cool!

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