Africa is My Home: A Couple of Things

This is still sometimes an old-fashioned web log where I document stuff, say items related to my book. Having it all here means, hopefully, I won’t lose it.  And so here are two cool photos that folks tweeted to me yesterday.

1. A 5th grade reading and writing teacher in the Boston public schools,  @Ms McGlone, tweeted:

We have just begun #africaismyhome Students fascinated! Comparing as we read Equiano’s autobiography.


I love what this teacher is doing with the book and hope to be further in touch with her and her class about it.

2. A former colleague now teaching 4th grade at another school, @jennykirsch, tweeted:

Look what I stumbled upon at the bookstore! So exciting!


Jenny told me that it is from a midtown Barnes & Noble. Since the book published I’ve only been to the Bank Street Book Store and so this is my first indication of it elsewhere.  Cool!

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  1. Cherrelle Shelton

    Great book and nice website :)


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