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Fans and newcomers to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have something really special in store this season. This is Alicewinks, a remarkable ebook edition.  A labor of love by creators David Neal, William McQueen, and Brittney Owens, the edition took years, but the result is spectacular.  It is a beautiful and sensitive presentation of Carroll’s book featuring the art of twelve pos- Tenniel illustrators.  The ebook can be enjoyed as a conventional read (on a tablet, that is), you can peruse the art alone, listen to the story read it, but best of all are the animations. These take the story to a new place. The creators have taken the work of some older (time-wise) illustrators, some of whom to be honest were not my favorites, and in a manner of speaking, have refurbished them. The animations are elegant and subtle, all in all, beautifully done. Here’s a brief taste.

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