Markus Zusak on The Book Thief Movie

The biggest hurdle for the film-makers was what to do with Death. In the book, and it makes me so grateful to be a writer of books, you make it all happen on the page and it costs nothing. In the film the hardest decision was whether to have someone on screen or not. Effectively, in a book 99% of the book is voiceover with dialogue in between. You just can’t do that in a film. So the first thing they had to do was pare back Death and try to achieve that effect in different way, such as quite high camera angles. Choosing the right voice was another issue and I didn’t envy them that task! Every reader of the book has their own version of Death and its voice – in my case, Death speaks in an Australian accent.

From this very interesting interview with Marcus Zusak about turning The Book Thief into a movie. 

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