Africa is My Home: A 2014 Children’s Africana Book Award Winner

Yesterday I was over the moon after learning that Africa is My Home had been honored with a 2014 Children’s Africana Book Award (also know as CABA). I have long been familiar with this award and have often discovered new books through it. So to be honored with one myself is amazing.

Here’s more about them:

In 1991, Africa Access in collaboration with the Outreach Council* of the African Studies Association created the Children’s Africana Book Awards  with three major objectives (1) to encourage the publication of children’s and young adult books that contribute to a better understanding of African societies and issues, (2) to recognize literary excellence, and (3) to acknowledge the research achievements of outstanding authors and illustrators. The first CABA was presented in 1992. Today over seventy-four titles have been recognized and more than 100 authors and illustrators are members of our Winners Circle. Each winning title has been vetted by our awards jury which is composed of African Studies and Children’s Literature scholars.

There will be an award ceremony on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, DC. From this cool slideshow of last year’s celebrations, I’m expecting that it and the other related activities are going to be wonderful.

My great thanks to the committee for honoring Africa is My Home this way.




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5 responses to “Africa is My Home: A 2014 Children’s Africana Book Award Winner

  1. Monica, that is thrilling! I am so pleased for you. And for the book! Congratulations! (and *bask*)


  2. Congratulations. It is always so wonderful to have your work recognized and honored. Africa is my Home is a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it so much.


  3. Monica, Congratulations! It does look like a wonderful celebration, and I am so pleased that your work has been honoured.


  4. c18gi

    Congratulations, Ms. Edinger! The recognition is well deserved. (And yes, I still check up on Educating Alice.)


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