Not-What-You-Think-You -Know German Fairy Tales

She immediately owned up to her evil intentions, and the prince rewarded her by running her through with a sword.

A few years ago there was excitement about a “new” trove of Germany fairy tales collected by one Franz Xaver von Schönwerth. They’ve now been organized and edited, translated, and illustrated in a new edition, The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales.  A handful of them are already available online to read including “King Goldenlocks,” “The Wolves,” and “In the Jaws of the Merman.”    Emphatic, direct, harsh, and most entertaining in a particular way!



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  1. I have always been hugely entertained by German fairy tales, and, okay, gobsmacked at the level of violence involved. As an adult, I’m torn between feeling horrified at the thought of giving any of these stories to children, but then I think about how well behaved most of my German friends’ children really are. It’s a tough call, but one that usually has me in stitches with the debate.


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