But the truth is that those of us who feel book-shame are probably worrying too much. Most people neither notice nor care what others are reading.

The above is from Charles McGrath in “Is There Anything One Should Feel Ashamed of Reading?.” And I’m now thinking — is there anything I’d be ashamed to be seen reading? Not really. That said, I love reading on my Ipad largely because I am a very fast reader and it allows me to have at my finger tips tons to read, but a secondary aspect is the privacy aspect. I like deciding who sees what I read, good stuff or bad. But I like control a lot of what people know about me. There isn’t much, blog readers may have noticed, about me personally here, for example. That said, privacy doesn’t always apply to children. That is, while we adults may care or not about what we read, many of us care a lot about what kids read. Some, in fact, make them feel all too embarrassed for their choices. And that is indeed a shame.


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2 responses to “Book-Shame

  1. Oh no! No book shame here! Whether it’s a children’s book I a revisiting, a cheesy romance, or Heaven forbid… 50 shades of Grey… I read em loud n proud… Unless I’m on my Kindle, in which case no one knows!!!!


  2. I love reading on my iPad for the same reasons that you do. Although I cherish my privacy, I don’t particularly care who knows what I read. In fact, being the busy body that I am, I will bend or crane to see what hardback book somebody is reading on the train or the bus. Often it will get me a stern look from the reader, but I just shrug and smile. :) My sister (also a teacher) reads young adult fiction. She feels that people who write fiction for children don’t get the accolades they deserve and are generally not taken seriously enough.


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