Jaclyn Moriarty’s A Tangle of Gold

Because I enjoyed tremendously A Corner of White and A Crack in the Kingdom, the first two titles in Jaclyn Moriarty’s The Colors of Madeleine series, I have been eagerly awaiting word of the final book. And so I was very happy to come across the following here:

In A TANGLE OF GOLD, the thrilling conclusion to The Colors of Madeleine series, Cello is in crisis. Princess Ko’s deception of her people has emerged and the Kingdom is outraged; the Jagged Edge Elite have taken control, placing the Princess and two members of the RYA under arrest and ordering their execution; the King’s attempts to negotiate their release have failed; Color storms are rampant; and nobody has heard the Cello wind blowing in months.

The story is told from the perspectives of Elliot, who has returned to Cello and is in hiding with a branch of the Hostiles; Keira, who is living under an assumed identity in Bonfire, the Farms; and Madeleine, desolate in a world without Cello or magic. Without knowing it, Madeleine and Elliot are on a collision course which will ultimately lead to their confrontation in Cello’s mysterious Undisclosed Province.

Madeleine and Elliot must eventually learn the art of making gold, and, more importantly, how to disentangle, find the true threads, and weave them together again.

If you haven’t read the first two, I highly recommend them. Fabulous and original world building (involving colors), great characters, and plot (involving multiple worlds).


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