The New Forthcoming Peanuts Movie

Somehow I missed that there was a new CGI Peanuts movie in the works. But now I’m up-to-date having just seen the below trailer. While I think the idea of Charlie Brown attempting to reinvent himself fits the character nicely, I’m having to get past my own aged preferences for the original (and by “original” I mean Schultz’s comics not the television shows) to recognize that this sort of CGI rendering will probably go over best for today’s kids. Also, while I knew and remembered the overwhelming whiteness of the Peanuts gang (the introduction of Franklin was huge in 1968), it felt a tad uncomfortable to me given our efforts today to better represent the current diversity in our world. Still, short of introducing a whole bunch of new characters, not sure how they could do better with this.



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2 responses to “The New Forthcoming Peanuts Movie

  1. Oh, dear. Watching this hurts me so much. So many wrong things, including the music.


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