An IBBY Wonderland

If you are interested in international children’s books (hopefully you all are!) and able to make it to New York this October, I urge you to consider attending the 11th Annual IBBY Regional Conference, “Through the Looking Glass: Exploring the Wonderland of International Children’s Literature,” October 16-18, 2015. Several years ago I was able to attend the IBBY Congress in London (it is every two years in different parts of the world — next summer it is in New Zealand) and it was fabulous. (You can read my impressions in these blog posts.)  And so I’m guessing that the regional conference will be a mini-version of that and equally awesome. Kate DiCamillo, David Almond, Paul Zelinsky, Leonard Marcus, Chris Raschka, Lois Lowry, and Susan Cooper will be there. Breakout session presenters include Betsy Bird, Marc Aronson, Jaime Campbell Naidoo, Padma Venkatraman, Sarah Park Dahlen, Susan L. Roth, Junko Yokota, Anrdi Snær Magnason, Margarita Engle, and Lisbeth Zwerger, (Oh, I’m doing one too .)  Hope to see some of you there!  (ETA Just saw that there are only 40 spots left so register today!)

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