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The Chinese Children’s Book World

My friend Roxanne Feldman (originally from Taiwan) recently visited China to attend the Beijing International Book Fair and explore the children’s book offerings from Chinese publishers. She did a delightful series of posts here about her visit with Notes from Beijing: Children’s Book Authors & Companies specifically featuring some of what she discovered. Announcing this on the childlit list serve, Roxanne wrote:

From August 21st to 30th, I was in Beijing, as an invited guest by a
Chinese publisher that wishes to start bringing quality children’s books to
the States in dual language texts (Chinese & English) to help with
surveying the current output of the Chinese children’s books (especially
picture books) and making recommendations.  It was a truly educational
experience for me, and I have been documenting my second journey to the
motherland, what I’ve learned, and what I am thinking on my blog.




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