New Blog Alert

Today, a group of thoughtful white librarian allies launch the blog, Reading While White. Their mission statement:

We are White librarians organizing to confront racism in the field of children’s and young adult literature.  We are allies in the ongoing struggle for authenticity and visibility in books; for opportunities for people of color and First/Native Nations people in all aspects of the children’s and young adult book world; and for accountability among publishers, book creators, reviewers, librarians, teachers, and others.  We are learning, and hold ourselves responsible for understanding how our whiteness impacts our perspectives and our behavior.

We know that we lack the expertise that non-white have on marginalized racial experiences.  We resolve to listen and learn from people of color and First/Native Nations people willing to speak about those experiences.  We resolve to examine our own White racial experiences without expecting people of color and First/Native Nations people to educate us. As White people, we have the responsibility to change the balance of White privilege.

The first post will go live at 11 EST today. Meantime check out their FAQs and Resources for Further Research.  The history these six librarians (see their names below) have as allies and the timeliness of this makes me certain this is an important blog to follow.

The contributors are:



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4 responses to “New Blog Alert

  1. Thank you for doing this. I’ve been speaking and writing about this off and on for 25 years now, and it finally feels as if someone’s listening!

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  3. thenpp1

    Excuse me, but as a person of “First/Native Nations” descent, you have made a GLARING error. (Well, several in fact, but let’s work the major one.)
    The current batch of Injuns were not the first but the THIRD wave of people to come across the land bridge. What you think of as Native Americans actually killed of and absorbed the SECOND wave who killed off and absorbed the FIRST wave. So the current Injuns in this place are no more “native” than the FOURTH wave who came from Europe.
    In addition to this, some people believe the Third Wave people killed over SIXTEEN times the number of Injuns the Europeans are credited with. Indeed, in some ways the Europeans who came in the FOURTH wave were merely avenging the spirits of those brutally killed by the other THIRD wave tribes.
    I know you plan on lying as much as possible in your posts, but please just refer to the Injuns as Injuns or Indians and NOT “Native Americans” or some crap like that. The spirits of the first AND second wave “Natives” would be grateful for you doing so as would those “missing tribes” the current Injun’s ancestors killed off..
    As for your attempt to further prevent blacks from mainstreaming and keep isolating themselves, please carry on. But don’t bring in the Injuns, okay? We do not plan on being controlled by the DNC like you folk are. Like the Hispanics, we plan on voting as individuals, not as blocks. Ya’ll can continue to vote in the blocks that the DNC have chained you to. We prefer to live as freemen.


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